Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Who is that guy, and why is he important?

Okay, so the other morning I got up and was looking at some amazing photos from  SPACE!!
If you're not already, you NEED to get a twitter account and follow @CMDR_Hadfield.
Not only is he an astronaut but he will be the FIRST Canadian to ever command the ISS.  That's the International Space Station for all you non-space people.

Chris Hadfield is pretty awesome to say the least.
He's up in space, taking photos, recording songs, eating space food and doing science experiments in zero gravity.

Here are some of the things he has accomplished.

Photo of Regina from Space From @CMDR_Hadfield

I was disappointed the other day when my roommate asked me "So who is that guy? Why is he so important?"  Maybe my Southwestern Ontario roots are taking over, but Chris Hadfield was born in Sarnia.  That's right, the nearest major city to where I grew up.

He is also a Canadian currently in space!

Chris Hadfield has definitely made Ontario and Canada proud.
Did you know he has an airport named after him?  Not only that, but it's an international airport (with flights to Detroit and other US destinations?)
Sarnia Chris Hadfield Airport
The Chris Hadfield International Airport was the first airport I ever went to and the first airport I ever flew out of!

I guess I am a proud Canadian when I consider that another Canadian is in space and watching the world go by, so if you have yet to see his work, I highly recommend you start following him, because it makes me feel like I am an astronaut, without the flying and zero gravity.

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