Sunday, March 10, 2013

No Data, No Problem!

I have a confession  to make.  I am one of "THOSE" people.
 You know, the ones who cannot update their Facebook Status or compose a Tweet and publish it while in the middle of nowhere.
The thing is, I lack Data.
My cellular device lacks a data plan. 
After moving to Regina I realized I don't really need Data on my devices because there is wireless in most locations I can be found.  There is free WIFI downtown and at the University which meets my needs.  While I have felt like I don't need to be connected to the digital world when I'm out and about, there have been times where I would have appreciated having a connection to those who are online.

So for Tech Task 7 I created a recipe with IFTTT (IF This, Then That) that allows me to be connected with my Facebook profile in a one direction sort of way. If you want to check it out, go to IFTTT and search for Recipe 3021550.
IFTTT Recipe Created by Me

I can update my Facebook Status from my cellphone through a text message.  Whatever message I text to a number, that message is then posted to my Facebook page as a status. 
I am excited that I am now able to update my status without the use of Internet, but the one downfall of this recipe is that there is no way to see who has responded to your status, unless you have internet access and access to your Facebook page.

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