Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tech Task 8

Okay, tech task 8 has been a challenge. The first challenge was deciding what to make a QR code for. I finally decided on ginger doll knits, an online store on Etsy that is run by my older sister.
I made the QR code through Google, which is very simple and easy. All I had to do was go to, the google url shortener, type/paste in the url and click "shorten url". Next, I clicked details which brought me to the code and will allow me to track who sees the code. This was very easy and it's pretty nifty. 

The second part of the text task was to blog from a phone. Luckily I own a smartphone so I can send emails from my phone to blog to my blogger account. I'm sort of amazed at how all this works! All I had to do was setup an email through my blogger account settings that will blog an email received directly to my blog.
I am going to send an email with the QR code attached to it so hopefully it shows up on my blog. If not, I will create another post with the QR code for you to follow and check out.

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