Monday, February 4, 2013

Another 6 word story

This one highlights the recent change in Canadian currency.  The Canadian penny is slowly being phased out and no longer in production by the Canadian Mint.

I was always a penny pincher, but now I guess I'll have to pinch nickles instead.

Image used under CC Licensing

As for the second part of the TechTask.  I updated a past Tech task by adding a video about Google Docs and Forms to my "Using Google Forms in the Classroom" blog post.  I usually include videos and pictures in my blog posts, so I decided to add a video to a blog post that only contained one picture in order to add a different type of media.


  1. I really like your 6 word story! Great idea and very current!

  2. I used to love collecting pennies! I defintely will miss them, but they gotta go!