Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tech Task #6 About Me

Tech Task #6 had me create an About Me page.
I thought it was a great idea to have all my webpages linked up in one place, but it was also challenging to pick what should and should not be included.

Using this website is very simple.  The layout is very user friendly and all you are required to do is sing in, click, click, click, type a bit, type a bit more, edit what you typed, and then click some more to link to your pages on social media networks.  I was even able to add my About Me webpage to my Blogger profile (click on my picture on the side of my blog and you can click the link).  While there is no widget for Blogger accounts, there is the embedding code provided to allow you to easily include your webpage in posts and pages. Easy!

Some problems I had:
1. I could not link my YouTube account to the page since I created a YouTube account way back in the day when you didn't need a Google account, and when sign in was with a username, rather than e-mail, so I can't link that, or at least I have yet to figure out how to link it (if you know please comment).
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Photo from Norton's

2. I had to change the privacy settings on my Pinterest account in order to keep the page professional.  I have recently developed a passion for brewing beverages in my house, resulting in exploding cola bottles, so that board had to become hidden and private in order to keep the page professional.

Question:  What should and shouldn't you include?
I use Facebook as a way of communicating and keeping up with friends, and I know I have very high privacy settings on my account in order to keep it private, but should I include my Instagram, which I use to post completley random pictures? I'm not sure.

This experience has had me questioning how much is too much to share online?

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