Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"That" Feeling

Do you ever get "that" feeling?

You know, the one where everything in your life is going along too smoothly and everything is perfect.

That moment when you feel like you are caught up on your homework, or even ahead?!?

I have to admit I definitely had one of those yesterday, but I figured it was because of the excitement of the Education Career Fair and possibly finding a future employer.

But "that" feeling changed quickly this morning when I realized that the blog postings I had created on Saturday, and thought I had published on Saturday appeared on my Blogger home page as DRAFTS!

How could I have forgotten to publish them to my page? 

What is wrong with me?

Anyways Parts 1 and 2 out of Tech Task 3 are now published, and I am just completing my post for Part #3.

I feel like a crazy person for forgetting to click the publish button, so to make up for it here is a meme to enjoy.

Image from http://thecondescendingwonka.tumblr.com/

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