Thursday, January 31, 2013

Follow Me, Follow Me!

In case you're unsure, I'm @KendaKerrigan on Twitter (and there's a bird on my head!) and tech task #3 asked me to follow between 5-10 new people on Twitter, so here are the people I chose to follow. I've created two categories of the people I followed. If I am not following you, and you would like me to, leave a comment below with your Twitter name and I will be sure to follow you. Enjoy!

Education and Technology Related

This account keeps me up to date on all the new and cool things happening with Mimio.  I was fortunate enough to use a Mimio in my Internship and I am now wishing I would have looked to Twitter for more resources from Mimio to keep up to date and try new things.

@jenorr I decided to follow Jennifer Orr after an ECMP355 live session last week.  

Who wouldn't want to follow a Canadian named Mr. D?!? Just kidding, but this Elementary teacher from New Brunswick has a lot of great posts on Twitter about teaching in an elementary classroom with great links too.

This classroom Twitter account shares the classes learning with many links to their classroom blog.  It is very important to teach students how to use technology and I feel that using a classroom twitter account allows students to share their work as well as learn how to properly use social media.

Entertainment and Friend Related

Tommy Edison was introduced to me by a friend and he is a legally blind individual who is an inspiration to me. He has allowed me to see the world through his eyes, even though he is blind.  His instagram photos show true, natural beauty and made me realize that photography is about sharing an experience and a view, not necessarily about having the best picture. I used to be hesitant to use different types of technology in case the way I used it was somehow "wrong", but following Tommy Edison has made me realize there is no right or wrong way to use technology, the right way is the way you want to use it.

@MetroJeff Mackey
Jeff is a friend I met in the fall through a friend, and he works for a local newspaper in Regina.  Not many people can say on a weekly basis that their friend made front page news, but following Jeff keeps me up to date on the local news as well as interesting articles from across Canada.

I decided to follow Hannah Georgas on Twitter after attending a great concert here in the Queen City. This musician is fabulous! She is sweet, funny, and a great singer all rolled into one person. This video is from CBC's show Yamma Mamma, that often showcases Canadian Musicians singing songs for children. This was Hannah Georgas' song on the show.

Sheena is another friend of a friend I met this past weekend who is working on her Education Degree at the University of Regina.  I figured I would follow her, although I'm unsure of whether or not this is a good idea because she cheers for the Calgary Flames, but she recently joined twitter so I figured why not follow?

This is the real Chad Novak Twitter, but there used to be a Condescending Chad Novak twitter account, poking fun at this unique character that resides in Regina.  Chad is a very active participant in the political aspects of Regina, and can often be seen on the news.  He recently posted a video online that caused a bit of a stir around the city because it was a conversation between him and the current mayor, although it is unclear whether the mayor was aware of the conversation being recorded.

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