Sunday, January 13, 2013

My First Official Post

Sorry it has taken a few days, but after some exploration and experimentation I have finally settled on a colour scheme and layout for my blog.

I struggled with determining a title for my blog but I felt as though Learning and Living Online were suitable.  I have to admit that I am a social media addict, with spending countless hours on Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, and Twitter everyday.  I know that I live online, I keep in contact with friends and family and share important events that have happened to me all online.  I have also learned a lot online from different media outlets, so lately I have been learning and living online.

Some of the first things I added to my blog were some gadgets/widgets.
I made sure I had the blog archive appearing so I, along with some of my followers, can jump to specific posts.
I also added a translate button, a button allowing a search of the blog, and a total number of page views counter.
Finally I added a "share it" button so posts can be easily shared via social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

I struggled to determine what background to have for my blog, and after looking through different images I found one I liked.  It is a picture of the sky taken from an airplane.  I love to travel to different places and to go on new adventures which is why I selected this as my background.  I also felt as though this image represents the adventure that ECMP355 will be taking me on as I spread my wings and jump into the online world.

Colour scheme for blog posts and text was a challenge for me.  My favourite colour is blue, so I chose a variety of shades and colours of blue for my blog. I also find blue is a calming colour, so hopefully my blog won't create too much tension or anxiety for you.


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