Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The View From The Top

So it’s not really the top, it’s just the top floor of the school which is where my room is located. I am in room 303 and have a beautiful view of Sasang and Deokpo at most times. On a clear day I can see the mountains surrounding Busan and the river that comes in from the East Sea (or as the rest of the world refers to it the "Sea of Japan") to Gimhae Airport. In the evenings I find myself getting distracted by the lights outside in the distance and can’t believe the view I have.
A view from the Rooftop Patio of the Dorm looking out at Sasang

During the day the view is beautiful as well. With a south facing wall of windows I get the warmth of the sun in all day, which is nice since it is winter and cool here. I find I do not need my heater turned on all the way because it will get too hot in my room. I have heard though the blessing from the sun in the winter turns into a nightmare in the summer when it is hot and humid outside, but I haven't experienced a Korean summer yet.

Looking out my window and down the hill/mountain

To the right hand side is Gimhae Airport

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